Sunday, February 3

the rock flowers

From my devotional:

I have always been glad that the psalmist said to God that some things were hard. There is no mistake about it; there are hard things in life. Some beautiful pink flowers were given me this summer, and as I took them I said, "What are they?" And the answer came, "They are rock flowers; they grow and bloom only on rocks where you can see no soil." Then I thought of God's flowers growing in hard places; and I feel, somehow, that He may have a peculiar tenderness for His "rock flowers" that He may not have for His lilies and roses. ~ Margaret Bottome

If you are in a hard place right now, remember that even there beauty can be found!

Tammy ~@~


LisaWA said...

Beautiful! I think I might be one of those flowers... growing in rocks!

Thank you for sharing that!


Anonymous said...

WoW!!! Waht a great devotion to wake up to this AM! THanks!!!

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