Friday, February 1

speaking of eyes

Ummm, "be not wise in thine own eyes" from Proverbs 3:7a, yup, I'm definitely not wise in my own eyes.

Yesterday while I was sitting I felt something move on my head. I reached up to pull my glasses down and they fell apart in my hand. The thin frame had snapped on the top where it attached at the nose-piece. And I found that the bottom half of the frame was made of something similar to fishline.

Yup, my own eyes are no longer wise. It's not a major problem as I pretty much no longer wear my glasses during the day which is why they ride on the top of my head. I only need them for distance vision which basically means when I drive the car or need to look out the window to see what the dogs are barking at in the woods.

And I've known for awhile that my eyes were no longer wise as they've been changing quite a bit over the last year or so. I cannot read at all with them on nor like them on when I talk to someone close by. So I know I've been headed down the path of, um, you know, bifocals :::::sigh::::: But, who wants to willingly walk down that path? Now I'm forced down that path and I may do a little kicking and screaming as I go!

The blessing is that I was able to get an appointment on MONDAY morning to be seen for an eye exam (it's been quite awhile) and to get fitted for new glasses. I'm hoping the glasses don't take long to come as I may need to travel soon. I don't think new grandbabies wait on their grandmamas to get glasses, do they?

It's interesting because my devotions this morning had two passages about Jesus with blind men and restoring their sight (Matthew 20:30-34 and Mark 10:51-52). Really. Isn't that cool? The best wisdom and the clearest vision come from one source....God. My eyes may be unwise for the moment, but my heart can tap into a Source of Sight and see!

May your vision be clear as you go down your garden path today!

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pianopraise80 said...

Yes, do get your glasses and all wisdom ready--my Braxton Hicks were stronger last night.

mom said...

Ummm, tell that baby to hold on a week or two, okay? Orders are to lounge on the couch drinking plenty of fluids - or chocolate milk *grin* - until I have new glasses on the top of my head!

Love you!
Mom :-D

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