Saturday, February 16

the sun is shining

Waking up to the sun shining through the windows this morning, I knew I couldn't be at home because there's been so many cloudy days this winter. The other clue that "we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto" was hearing car horns honking, people talking outside the windows, doors closing, and the TV still playing on the floor underneath us (it must have been an all night TV marathon going on down there). It takes a moment to get your bearings when you aren't home.

And it's taking me a moment to get my bearings over having a grandson. I never expected it to feel different than having a granddaughter. But it does. And the only conclusion I can come to so early in this process is that as I look upon that sweet little face I see the continuation of our family line. Our name will live on through another generation. There's just something awe inspiring about that thought.

"I will make Your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore the people shall praise You forever and ever." ~ Psalm 45:17

Yes, the sun is shining! And I look forward to the day ahead of entertaining the little princess as we await the arrival of the new little prince later today :-)

May the sun be shining in your garden today, too!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

Hi Tammy,
Hope you are snuggling with your grandbaby tonight.

Do not try to come home tomorrow.
Another big storm coming this way.

Enjoy and be safe.

Your personal weathergirl,

mom said...

Thanks, Donna! I'm staying put for a few days so let it rain snow sleet hail thunder blow whatever :-) Just so it all clears out when I have to head home again!

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