Tuesday, February 12

those little splinters

Okay, since I can't get around having to go through the cold season of winter, at least I can count my blessings in the process, right? The thing that blesses me the most is the warm even heat that comes from our woodburner which is our main heating source. It is a delight to snuggle in the chair down by the woodburner with a good book as you are also assured to have a purring cat nearby. And my heart is thankful for the hard work my husband and sons need to do in order to keep us warm throughout the winter - the cutting, the splitting, the stacking, the carrying in.

I don't mind the little bit of work I need to do throughout the day of checking the status of the fire and throwing a piece of wood or two into the woodburner if no one else has done it recently. However, I don't know if my hands are more delicate - I doubt it - or we are burning different types of firewood this season - most likely not - BUT I'm regularly getting little splinters in my fingers when I'm loading the woodburner. OUCH! Every time it happens, I head up to my sewing machine to find a sharp needle and my tweezers to get the splinter out. Usually that's the end of it.


Not always though. It seems that from time to time a tiny piece must stay under the skin as the spot gets red, sore, and even a little infected looking. So, back to surgery with my sewing needle, tweezers, some peroxide, and a little soaking afterwards. And fortunately that seems to do the trick.

Sheesh, it doesn't seem fair that when you are doing something that is helpful and good that you have to suffer for it, eh?

Wait! Isn't life a bit like that? You're busy doing things for others that are helpful and good and you get hurt in the process. Might be someone's unkind or criticizing words that feel like a splinter to your spirit. You may feel like you've forgiven and taken care of that hurt, but then it festers up again. Back to doing another examination of the wound with a one-on-one with your Heavenly Father. A more thorough cleansing. A true letting go of the hurt within your heart as forgiveness and grace are mixed more heavily into the process. And God faithfully heals the wound.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." ~ Psalm 147:3

Off to check the woodburner on this frosty morning!

May your garden path be splinterfree!

Tammy ~@~

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Daisy said...

Absolutely! This was such a word in season today. Thank you. I need to go spend some time with the tweezers. ;-)

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