Tuesday, February 19

traditionally speaking

"Our first conscious challenge to think seriously about what role traditions would play in our own family came--as it does for many people--with the birth of our first child. The moment we set foot into our apartment with our newborn, panic poured over me. We had walked out this door as two, I realized, and now we were walking in as three--forever there would be one more of us. We were responsible for this life, and I couldn't even keep a philodendron healthy!" ~ Noel Piper

Wow! I still remember that feeling as we began life as a family and figured out our traditions. It was a process through the years and we still seem to be adding new things into our lives which become our family's routine or a special tradition. Some things as parents we don't even consciously think about, yet the kids are quick to remind their mom and dad that the *tradition* has been overlooked. And yes, traditions work well for some of us sentimental types :-)

As I read the quote, I immediately thought of my oldest daughter and husband who are expecting their first baby this summer. What traditions will they bring forth from their own families and what will be unique to the two of them as they grow their own family?

And I also thought of watching my son and his wife as they've just brought their second child home. There are traditions already in place as the two became three and now four.

As I look at our family, our son's family, our daughter's family, and all the future families to come from their parents, my prayer is that each family will have God firmly planted and centered in their lives as they build and grow traditions. Traditions that may include special foods, special activities, special dishes, special gifts. May all parts and pieces include God and hearts full of thankfulness to Him.

Enjoy the traditions in your family's garden!

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Kysha said...

Beautiful post! You know making your own traditions is certainly one of the strangest things to get use to when you're starting out new in a marriage. I've been making well over a decade now but it took us a while to figure out how to combine both our traditions and come up with new ones of our own but God has been at the center.

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