Friday, February 22

a train ride

How cool is it to take your first train ride on your birthday? And to realize that your mother who is forty years old than you is taking her first train ride the same day? That was our adventure yesterday.

Our original plan was for my husband to drive to get us. I had packed with that fact in mind. Yup, my first oh oh :::sigh::: But due to possible *bug* carriers in our household - my husband being one of them - we felt it best for none of our family to come into the apartment and to instead prevent possible exposure. We had to go with another plan for getting home which meant Amtrak for the first part of the journey.

Oh, did I mention that I thought it would be a good idea to bring other things home with me since their apartment is small and doesn't have much storage. You know, like maternity clothes of mine that had been borrowed and some canning jars? Yup, my second oh oh :::sigh::: Add another suitcase. I mean, we were just walking onto a train and walking off one. How hard could that be? Especially with a newly turned nine year old to help me?


Umm, well, where my son had to drop us off meant walking around a corner and down the block to get into the train station. It took us a long time to get that far since the big bag kept slowly sliding off the suitcase we were pulling. It meant I had to put everything down in order to help my daughter who was pulling it. We finally got into the building to the next challenge - not one but TWO escalators to get down. Yikes! Two men walking behind us offered to help get us down the first one. YAY! We made it over to the second one and a kind lady helped us get off it as the sliding big bag had slid again. YAY! We found the ticket counter and the cost ended up being less than I thought it would be. YAY! The train was already boarding, so our next challenge was getting to the boarding gate. Honestly, I thought my arms were going to break off before we made it that final stretch. We got to our car and there was no conductor in the doorway. Ugh. I had no idea what to do since I had never rode on a train before. So, I stepped inside the doorway and found a man waiting for his wife in the restroom. He hadn't seen the conductor either. But, he offered to help us get onto the train and showed us where to go. YAY! They were traveling to the same location. YAY! He was insistent about bringing ALL our luggage to the upper level - I still don't know why, but I trust that God had a reason since I could see where others had set their luggage - and he made sure we were settled. He also helped us off when we reached our destination. YAY!

It was a good ride although I confess to feeling a bit of motion sickness when we first started out. Perhaps being overheated when I finally landed in my seat from carrying all those heavy bags may have contributed to that. And not eating lunch. My traveling companion was doing some schoolwork then made a word search puzzle for me. I solved it and made one for her. And we went back and forth for a bit doing that which we both enjoyed. Then it was time to settle in with my book until we go to our stop.

Thankfulness entered my heart as I saw my son waiting for us. We loaded up the car and headed for Taco Bell for a bit of birthday supper to eat on the ride. A bathroom stop showed me "why" people had stopped to help. I must have looked like a crazed woman with the dry winter air putting enough static in my hair to make it stand straight up all over the place! LOL! They must have felt sorry for me, eh? Or for my daughter who had to travel with this woman?

We made it home safe and sound. Car quickly unpacked by the capable hands of older sons. Birthday presents were opened at 9:30 PM followed by birthday cake.

Lessons learned from the day:

KEEP BUSY! From the moment I posted on here that the grandbabymoon was over, my emotions were in my eyes and ready to fall out. So, I kept busy cleaning and getting things set in the apartment before I left to keep from being a continuous grandma teardrop.

PACK LIGHT! And if you don't, thank God for providing incredible help along the way from perfect strangers.

SERVE OTHERS! If you see someone who needs a hand, don't hesitate to help. Too often that urge is resisted for a variety of reasons, but you can be a blessing to others in indescribable ways.

STAY CALM! Looking back, I can't recall a moment of feeling panicked or frustrated or crabby (I'm going to ask my daughter this morning to verify this) although I certainly could have been quite easily. I'm giving all the credit to God for that as He did, in unexpected ways, answer my prayers in the morning as I committed my day to Him. He's cool :-)

PRAISE GOD! My heart was so full by the end of the day as I considered how richly God has blessed me. Blessings of people who I so dearly love.

Time to set my day in motion as I have much to catch up on!

Have a great day in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

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Anonymous said...

Tammy, you are so sweet and loving Mom. You just make my eyes swell with tears. Those are great tip also.

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