Thursday, February 7

winter cabin fever tip #1

Although I don't think of myself as a girly girl kind of person, I will confess to loving Bath & Body Works products. Fortunately there aren't any of their stores close-by as it would be devastating to my limited budget! However, when I'm traveling and see one of their stores it only takes moments to get inside. It is especially dangerous to my money situation if any of my girls are with me because, of course, they are required to pick something out, too - and trust me, I don't have to twist their arms to do so!

Typically I only use one favorite scent three seasons of the year and will occasionally rotate in a couple others which I enjoy. In recent years, I've been picking out a lighter more fun scent for the summer months.

So, here's my winter cabin fever tip #1. And I will say I'm only experimenting with it today, so I can't promise it works *grin* Instead of putting on my favorite of favorites body lotion after my shower today, I used my lotion from last summer - Coconut Lime Verbena. As soon as the lotion my hands and the scent wafted up to my nose...SUMMER! It was wonderful! I instantly smiled! I'm going to keep it out to use after each hand washing time today and breathe in summer all day long :-) And the bonus is that the sun is shining again :-)

Yup, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do when she lives in a cold climate location which has such a LONG winter season.

May you be enjoying this winter day in your garden :-)

Tammy ~@~


KarenW said...

I love Bath and Body Works! Coconut Lime Verbena is one of my favorites along with Wild Honeysuckle.

Love Bears All Things said...

Even though I can't smell, I still buy their products. I take someone along who can tell me how they smell. Since I know what vanilla smells like, I have warm vanilla sugar lotions here beside me and in the guest bath. I think their products are great gifts.
Thanks for the well wishes.
He's still the one!
Mama Bear

Love Bears All Things said...

Yes, and the storms were so close. We're still hearing of damage and injuries.
I pray that God is glorified even in this disaster. I heard that the red cross is taking donations so it is an opportunity to help others which is showing the love of Jesus as I mentioned.
Mama Bear

mom said...

Mmm, wild honeysuckle sounds good, too! And I love the vanilla scents, too :-) Actually there's very few scents I don't like except maybe the musk type?

Continuing to pray for those who have lost so much in the devastating storms.

Tammy ~@~

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