Friday, March 7

all ironed out

Oh me, oh my! What's a mother to do?!

For years every Friday morning has been dedicated to mom giving spelling tests to her children as she irons from laundry baskets which are stacked sky high.

But a rare occurrence has happened. So rare indeed that a photo demanded to be taken.


And all the laundry is even caught up! Are you shocked? LOL! Ohhh, experience has shown that this situation won't last for long. Nope, it will only last momentarily.

However, I'm lost this morning as I post this. Where or how will I give spelling tests today?

Ah, yes, on a rare day life is a silly adventure :-)

Enjoy Friday in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


Noel said...

uhm you could tell them that they didn't have to take this week's tests? :-) (since the dirty laundry's all gone...maybe that will encourage them to get the laundry done each week before Friday!)

mom said...

Ohhhh, Noel! My kids are going to be so so sad I didn't read this until lunch break as your comment is too late for this week. I gave one spelling test at the kitchen table while I ate breakfast and the other two from the laundry area as I worked on cleaning it up (hey, the laundry was clean, but I didn't say the laundry area was as clean!)

pianopraise80 said...

I am so amazingly proud of you!! YAY MOM!!

Next time you're here, you are free to work your magic on my Mt. Laundry. :-) I'll even spell for you while you do it!! I'll start with "sassy"--S-A-S-S-Y.

::Running and ducking::

Darnelle said...

We are a family of 7 so ya know the laundry mountain is looming.
But, you have inspired me Tammy! I am posting this comment and then heading straight for the laundry. I am determined to see empty laundry baskets before night fall. This is just the jolt I needed today.
Have a great rest of the day!

mom said...

Okay Miss (or is it Mrs.?) S.A.S.S.Y. When I come to visit next, you set the ironing board up during naptime, everyone can take their nappies, and grandmama will iron and watch whatever that cable station is, okay? And when you wake up all your ironing will be done :-) How about that?!

Hey, Darnelle...I wanna know if that jolt worked! Watch out...I'm praying for you! *wink*

Daisy said...

LOL! I know that feeling. The full laundry basket feeling, not the empty.

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