Monday, March 3

always on call

1:45 AM

I was suddenly woken up thinking I had heard the phone ring in the kitchen. The house was completely quiet. I figured that if I had heard the last ring whoever it was would call right back. Quiet. I knew I hadn't been dreaming. I had heard the phone ring.

Similar things have happened before in my life and being wide awake I knew what I had to do. PRAY. My mind went over my list of family, friends, faraway friends, and even someone unknown who may be calling out to God and need prayer support. My mind went next to my list of what to pray for which ranges from immediate protection in a dangerous situation to wisdom for a medical team in an emergency situation. And everything in between. And when my mind was back to a state of peace I closed my eyes and fell right back to sleep.

Intercessory prayer. Day or night. Be obedient when the Holy Spirit taps you on the shoulder about a specific person or perhaps a total unknown. You may never know who at that very moment is crying out to God for help and YOU are be calling upon to be a prayer warrior for them. And sometimes, yes rarely but sometimes, weeks later someone shares a story that will give you :::::Godbumps::::: when you realize that perhaps YOU were someone who was unknowingly praying for them at that very moment of trouble.

The power of prayer. Don't for a moment ever underestimate it! Just do it!

Tammy ~@~

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Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy;

I love this, as I am often woken up by the Holy Spirit to intercede for others. (though to date, I have never heard the 'phone' ring).

I love your 'Godbumps' very cleaver with words Tammy!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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