Wednesday, March 5

be a Daniel

This week my daughter's Bible lessons have been about Daniel. This morning we were talking about examples of his character trait of diligence and one of the areas of his life where it shows up strongly is found right in the first chapter of the book of Daniel. He was resolved to NOT eat the king's food or drink his wine. The official over him stated all his reasons why Daniel had no choice but to do as he was told. So patiently Daniel suggested a test of eating nothing but vegetables with only water to drink for ten days. The result of this test for Daniel and his companions was not only were they healthier and better nourished young men after the ten days, but the positive results allowed them to continue on this eating plan.

Diligence has rewards. Even in our eating habits.

Daniel didn't just randomly come up with this idea. He had a plan that had obviously been successful before his captivity under King Nebuchadnezzar. He stood firm and diligent in his commitment to not compromise in this area of his life despite heavy pressure to do so AND this diligence carried over into many areas of his life as you travel through the book of Daniel. Personally, I think Daniel was a very cool man of God :-)

Diligence has rewards. Even in our eating habits.

Many of us have researched healthy eating. Different weight loss theories and programs abound. I believe we all know quite a bit about what foods and beverages are healthy and which ones aren't. Really, do we have a valid excuse NOT to be diligent when following a healthy eating program?

And look at the rewards when we are diligent! We feel better, we look better, we live better! Woo hoo!

So take a look at what YOUR plan of action is for healthy eating and resolve to be diligent in following it despite any outside pressure. Think Daniel. And remember where Daniel got his strength....GOD! Tap into Him, too!

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Heather said...

Thanks Tammy! I so appreciated this encouragement. After lunch at Culver's today I was contemplating a new rule for the kids: No soda! The pressure is great but I think the rewards would be even greater. I, on the other hand may not drink soda but need to remember even good food in too large of portion is not so good for me. Always enjoy your garden glimpses! Heather E.

mom said...

Yes, even good can be bad if there's too much good and that can apply to a lot things....especially chocolate! LOL!

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