Thursday, March 27

a bushel of potatoes

Our family was recently blessed by a neighbor with two fifty pound bags of potatoes. The challenge then became....where do we put them? One bag went into our mudroom so we could easily access it from the kitchen for meals - mmmm, last night we used leftover Easter ham and lots of potatoes for our favorite scalloped potatoes and ham recipe. The other bag of potatoes required me to go downstairs to our food storage pantry and shift things around. Lo and behold! Look what I found! Somehow the last of my garden potatoes that were in a bushel basket got hidden beneath some bags of canning supplies that I use. The results were these scary looking potatoes! LOL! They look like alien potatoes, don't they? Since they originally came from seed potatoes, I think I should be able to cut them up and use them for planting this spring.

Since I've been pondering potatoes a lot recently between my two fifty pound bags, my wild sprouters, and cleaning out our toybox which has lots of accessories for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, I wrote about the variety of potatoes, I mean children, I'm homeschooling in my own household at Heart of the Matter today. Go, read, and browse around there a bit as there's plenty of other articles for you to enjoy, too :-)

Then when you're done, go and enjoy your potatoes children!

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Donna Boucher said...

Oh my!!! That is very silly.

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