Tuesday, March 4

call me the snail

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark." ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Okay, it's below zero this morning so I can't go by the current weather to say spring is coming. However, each day the March calendar page is looking at me with its announcement of spring arriving on the 20th. And no, spring won't really be here then, but it will be coming in the weeks after that date.

The main thing is that the date is motivating.

Suddenly all the hibernating habits need to be thrown to the side. I have work to do!

"By perseverance the mother shall get her house cleaned." ~ me

There are lots of places in my house that need some deep cleaning before spring comes. They are VERY overdue. A couple areas have already been tackled this winter, but that is a drop in the ol' bucket. I mean, we've lived a lifetime in this house raising a houseful of children - many who still live here - and we have a lot of STUFF we've accumulated.

That fact was brought home to me again this past weekend when we were blessed to be able to watch two little ones for a couple who were able to have a special surprise weekend away. I think that just about everything that could be found to play with was brought out. And my battle cry was, "Pick up all of this before you start playing with something new!" BECAUSE there was so much STUFF with everything they played. Really, how many dress-up clothes do girls need? Okay, they could do a runway show for hours in our kitchen! How many matchbox cars do we really need to have? Okay, I do have a grandson now so I suppose I can't par that number down too much, but goodness, we have buckets full! How many books can we possibly enjoy reading in our lifetime? Books are everywhere all over the house. Honestly, I could hardly walk through the girls bedroom at times because they had so much STUFF all over the place....and there were kids happily plopped in the midst of it having a great time! See, I can't win, can I?

HA! But I'm gonna! Just watch me. I will persevere working on a room at a time. And I'm thinking *rummage sale in the spring* in the back of my mind. It makes it a little easier to sort through if there's a tad bit of profit in the process.

I need to keep the vision of a simpler, neater, cleaner home ever before me and snail away! After all, not only is God a God of order, but He created the character quality of perseverance which I'm determined to grow :-)

Here here to the coming of spring in all of our gardens!

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Daisy said...

I love that quote!! Great post.

Janet said...

I spent about 6 hours in my little girl's room last week. You'd never know, it doesn't really look very nice right now. Hmmm. I need to attack my piles.

Kimmie said...

Hi Tammy;

Oh, this post is the moment I am in in my life.

I pray that spring comes for us (in our desires) and that it blooms into a beautiful bountiful summer of harvest!

Kimmie (who is ready to chuck it, if it ain't bolted down!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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