Saturday, March 22

give him hives

"Some have said that Satan has an allergic reaction whenever there is true worship. That's an interesting way of visualizing it; perhaps when we break out in praise, the devil breaks out in hives. I don't know whether he itches, sneezes, or coughs, but I do know he becomes very uncomfortable on those occasions when we take our eyes off ourselves and place them squarely and worshipfully on the Lord of grace. That's when God's mighty works finally come to pass." ~ David Jeremiah

Having come through a reflective week which was deepened by the Good Friday service last night at church, there is a heaviness of heart that comes from the realization of what Jesus Christ went through as He sacrificed for the sins of the world. As believers we cannot be flippant about the pain, suffering, and torture which was His to bear before even being nailed to the cross. The cost was high for the perfect Lamb of God. Is there any greater love?

And how often there is a tendency by believers to keep Him on the cross. Dead and then buried.

But wait a minute!

He's alive! REJOICE! We love and serve a living God!

And tomorrow all over the world believers will be singing and shouting His praises! Think about that quote above and the multitudes of people whose eyes are focused on the resurrected Lord as they praise Him! Can you imagine the intense case of hives the enemy gets on this yearly celebration? Hallelujah!

My prayer is that praising God isn't just a Sunday or Easter activity, but that our hearts would ever be focused on Him - daily - to keep the enemy in a state of uncomfortableness as we moment by moment praise our Lord and Savior!

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