Wednesday, March 12

a grrr chuckle

Anyone notice the price of gas lately? My husband just got home after filling up his diesel work pick-up truck for $4.19 per gallon and he handed me this card. HA! The fuel companies must be feeling badly about their huge profits nowadays and are offering game cards to win a measly trip so their customers feel better about filling up their gas tanks. I know it's hard to read, but I got the "sorry, you're not a winner" message after scratching the card with my last penny. Probably would have fainted had I won...instead I nearly fainted after hearing the total amount he paid to fill his tank!

So much for getaways, eh? Guess I'll have to settle for a bubble bath! LOL!

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Donna Boucher said...

No kidding.
It is very disheartening.

I am thankful that I generally stick close to home and do not gad about like I use to.

But it is really hard on the budget, nonetheless.

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