Monday, March 24

a memory maker

"Live each day as if it is a memory in the making." ~ Author Unknown

This was the saying on my calendar flip this morning for today's date. It actually made me laugh! As if? AS IF? IT IS!

"Each day IS a memory in the making." ~ me

Each morning when I wake up and commit my day to the Lord, I do it knowing that anything can happen within the span of the day ahead - especially with a houseful of children living here. There is something that will be said or done by someone in this household - or in the world around us - that will mark the day. A memory is made. Of that there is no question in my mind.

The bigger thing to ponder is....will I remember it? LOL! I've hit the age and season of life that my brain operates likes a sieve. Trust me, much of the information of the day passes through into the big black hole never to be seen again. Fortunately my family is forgiving for the most part and they recognize I don't forget on purpose. EVERYTHING needs to be written down to be remembered and thank goodness for my daily calendar and journal so that there is a recording of our days. Because each day IS a memory in the making.

Go and make some memories in your garden today!

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