Saturday, March 29

a pack of spuds

I know, I know....will the silliness ever end here? LOL! My oldest two children have always been competitive and this is no exception. After posting the picture of my daughter and son-in-law yesterday morning, of course, there was a picture in my email yesterday evening from my daughter-in-law of their family. Aren't they cute! Isn't the baby roly poly? :-) And now I must hold my breath to see if my college aged son sends me a picture. I dunno, do they even feed college kids real potatoes anymore? Isn't it something that comes out of a box? ::::shudder:::

In other family news....we are in another season of change. Do they ever stop, I wonder? One of our older sons who works with my husband and has lived back through the woods is in the process of moving to the other end of town. A friend of his has purchased a house and he, his brother, and my son are moving into it. A bachelor pad of sorts and a fix-up kind of place, too, so they'll be busy learning some new things about home remodeling in the days ahead. Not a big change, but we are used to having him around here A LOT plus it means that the dog who always went home with him to sleep will now be sleeping here....and let me assure you that it is not easy to get a German shepherd off your bed when he's used to sleeping by someone!

Full day ahead, so I'm off to get busy!

May the sun be shining in your corner of the world today :-)

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