Friday, March 28

a pair of taters

Yes, yes, this is a picture of my daughter and son-in-law taken earlier this year before her tummy popped out. Of course, I sought their permission to put up the picture before I posted it here as that is the family rule for my public blogsite.

AND YES, our family does have some regular moments of complete silliness which is really what keeps us sane....or at least I think we are sane! LOL!

Yesterday when I posted the link to my Heart of the Matter article, it began much family discussion around here about who was what potato in the picture! There was even a bit of disagreement of who was who and it even came up in phone conversations. The next thing I knew there was this picture in my email box. Of course, that settled any dispute about which potato she was on that plate. Can't you see the resemblance?

And finally yes, a good sense of humor is just what is needed on a Friday morning when a full day of school corrections are ahead of me!

May you have a giggle or two in your garden today!

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