Saturday, March 15

our spring un-break

"Spring forward, fall back....and winter on a beach somewhere."
~ Author Unknown

Now this is my kind of quote! And this is my kind of winter! LOL!

We are entering the week of spring break for local scho
ols and many colleges. It always seems kind of funny to consider spring break because spring is not spring here. In fact, it still looks like a bunch of winter outside my window. And since our family took spring break time in November, this coming week means school as usual with the distraction of college students hanging out within our household.
Even with snow still everywhere, it hasn't stopped the discussion of planning a family spring break trip for NEXT year. Last year we took a family snow ski trip and it's been five years since we took a family beach trip. So there's whispers of a "vote" in the air to determine "where" so reservations can be made ahead of time and money can be saved for a year. And I'm regularly receiving emails of links to check out from someone biased toward the warm weather locations. Of course, we have to add into our future trip finances the cost of taking two vehicles on any family vacation because the days of all of us squeezing into the 15 passenger van are over as our extended family keeps growing.

Ahhhhh, yes! To dream! And to be thankful for the sun shining through my windows on this spring break non-vacation day!

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pianopraise80 said...

Just remind (ski trip) the kids (ski trip) that they'll (ski trip) end earlier (ski trip) if they work hard now (ski trip). And I believe (ski trip) you'll find the latest (ski trip) destination email (ski trip) in your inbox (ski trip). NOT that I would ever try to sway your vote!! (ski trip)

Love you!

mom said...

Too bad that those (beach) who could benefit (beach) from your influence (beach) aren't readers (beach) of this blog!

Off to talk BEACH to the voters! Hee hee!

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