Monday, April 14


It seems hard to believe that we are to our final night of AWANA Club already! Our club year tends to end earlier than most clubs as much of our leadership gets very busy when spring comes as they are seasonally employed.

What's very unusual this year is that spring hasn't really sprung yet. Typically ALL the kids are wound up like springs filled with energy as soon as the weather turns warmer. This year as we end the kids are still in the winter calm. Nope, I'm not complaining in the least bit! LOL!

Anyway, busy day ahead for me. Baking for the refreshment time after our Awards ceremony, putting together special bags of goodies for my special group of Chums, writing notes of appreciation to my helpers, AND getting the AWANA Store stocked a bit. I'll be tired by the end of the day!

Any special plans for your Monday?

Have a good day in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


stephseef said...

Good morning Tammy!

My garden this morning is filled with 3 little people who need to be fed and watered.. and I can do that! God gives more than enough grace - if only I'd live into His grace more each day.

This is a big week around here - on Thursday I go in for my 3D/4D ultrasound - we'll find out gender and get the word that all is well. Me and my geriatric uterus [according to my doctor!! :)].... we're looking forward to a good report.

And... HIGH OF 66 BY WEDNESDAY!!! Thanks be to GOD!


mom said...

Good evening, Steph!

A busy day here...I'm tuckered out now!

Oh my! How exciting about your upcoming ultrasound! I'll be praying for you :-)

Yes, I've heard rumors of warmer weather and will believe it when I see it, although it was absolutely gorgeous today even though it was on the cool side. Just seeing the SUN puts a smile on my face!

Donna Boucher said...

I'm so glad you two found one another :o)

Bless you for helping so much with Awana. You are a blessing to all of those little souls :o)

mom said...

Thanks, Donna :-) I think they are more of a blessing to me though!

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