Thursday, April 17

the birds

"Birds awaken a sleepy world with their songs of hope and joyous expectancy." ~ Author Unknown

As I opened the door early this morning to head out for my walk, I was greeted by a woods full of chirping singing birds. They all sounded so HAPPY! :-) It is one of my favorite sounds of spring and does give me hope that spring is coming. The snow is melting quickly - although no where near gone - and I can look out my window right now and see all the robins hopping around on the brown dead grass of the field. Grass which will hopefully be turning green in the days ahead. How I long for GREEN!

While I'm waiting for spring in joyous expectancy, I took some time and made out a list of things to get done. Time to kick some motivation into gear as there's much to get busy with in the days ahead. As long as the sun keeps shining I should do just fine :-)

What's your favorite sign of spring?

Have a good day in YOUR garden!

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