Saturday, April 5

call us desperate

Are you tired yet of hearing me saying, "BOY, it's been a LONG winter!"?

We woke up to brilliant blue sunny skies and the kids could hardly wait to play outside. But with all the snow they are still quite limited as to what they can actually do. That didn't stop them from putting on flip flips and shorts to check out the sandbox and the sledding hill during this fifty degree weather.

SOON the snow will melt, right?

***Update*** At 2:15PM our first robin was spotted sitting on the only small patch of field that the snow had melted! YAY!

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Tina said...

By the way, I heard that we are getting 6-8 inches on Monday. . . hope they don't cancel Awana again.
LOL. . . It really was a beautiful day today!!

mom said...

Oh, pulleazzzzze tell me it isn't true! ::::covering my ears and saying "I'm not listening"::::

Donna Boucher said...

Wow!!! A little over three hours away...and you have so much more snow!!!

I am so sorry for you.

We hit 62 today.

Hooray for the red, red robin!!!!!

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