Saturday, April 12

a change of plans

Simply put....winter storm warning.

It's been hovering over us for the past couple of days and this blustery snowy weather has managed to cancel the AWANA Games at our church this afternoon.

I'm relieved to have an unexpected Saturday at home to get a few things caught up BUT I'll have to do those things without looking out the window for depression is certain to set in if I do! white white white :::sigh:::

Hope your day is greener than mine!

Tammy ~@~


pianopraise80 said...

Rain and gray, rain and gray here.

stephseef said...

Hi Tammy! I made it here from Quiet Life.. you asked if I worked at Blackhawk.. I was pastor of worship arts there for 3 1/2 years - 01 to late 04 - before my husband started seminary. Before that, I was worship leader at Elmbrook in Milwaukee for 3 years... now I sit in the pew, wipe noses and shush mouths. sigh.

How snowy is it? How far north are you???

Glad to be connecting with you. You make me smile.

Hugs from Steph in Racine

mom said...

I'm definitely north enough to have much more snow than a person could EVER possibly want this time of the year! :-p~ I think people around here are definitely getting grrrrr CRABBY!

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