Wednesday, April 2

counting a quarter

As of today a quarter of my daughters has reached a quarter of a century!

Wait a minute, that makes me sound old!

As of today, my oldest daughter has turned twenty-five years old!

Whoaaaa, that still makes me sound old!

Oh, dear. I think I am old. LOL!

But she's still young! Woo hoo! Happy birthday, sweet girl! :-)

Love from mom ~@~

P.S. Sorry about the old picture. I really need to download all those CDs that have pictures between that time period and when I started using my digital camera. But it is an appropriate picture as all four girls love music and singing and dancing :-)


pianopraise80 said...

WOW! At first glance, I thought your second to youngest was the youngest!! AHHH!!! We're ALL getting old!!

Donna Boucher said...

She is beautiful!!!

Happy birthday!

Love Bears All Things said...

You're not old! My son who is my oldest had his 40th Birthday in March.
Beautiful girls.
Mama Bear

mom said...

I can't imagine any of my kids turning 40, but as I think about it...when my youngest daughter turns 25 my oldest daughter will be turning 40 and I'll hit retirement age! That seems like a long time away, but I know that all I have to do is :::blink::: LOL!

Anonymous said...
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