Saturday, April 12


Spring fever? What was I thinking about when I wrote that article that is up at Heart of the Matter today?

Actually, when I began the rough draft those pictures were accurate. It was a warm sunny weekend in the 50's. Snow was melting. Kids were wearing flip flops and shorts. (And yes, my older ones will call home and remind me that when they were little they couldn't even think about wearing shorts until the snow was completely gone and the temperature was over 70 degrees. And flip flops? Unheard of back then when the snow was around. Yes, I will be reminded that I have gotten amazingly lenient in my old age with their younger siblings!)

Then when I posted my draft into the folder at Heart of the Matter midweek, we had been living through three days of gray damp gloom. Rumors of a snow storm coming were abounding.

A few days later, which is today, we are at the end of a winter storm warning. Last night they said we had gotten at least seven inches of snow so far and it was snowing and blowing throughout the night. I have no idea how many more inches fell as we nestled under the covers. All I know is that everything is white white white outside my window.

Spring fever? NOPE! Winter blues? YUP!

Have a good day in your garden whether white or green!

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