Tuesday, April 29

frozen frogs

Homeschool question of the day....can frogs ribbit when it's 19 degrees outside - yes, I did say NINETEEN degrees AND the pond is frozen?! Because that is the weather at the moment here this morning.

The answer....I dunno! LOL! And I'm not going down to the pond to find out! LOL!

To read a bit about our frog catching adventures, head over to Heart of the Matter today and scroll down a bit to my article, "How many ways can you ribbit?"

I hope spring is coming someday, I hope spring is coming someday, I hope spring is coming someday..........

Tammy ~@~


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Wow...ya'll are colder than us...it was 32º when I got up here this morning and just now hit 51º the wind is what is so cool and makes me want to put my sweater on!

Stay warm! ☼

mom said...

I may have to delete your comment due to bragging! LOL!

We are up to 43 degrees mid-afternoon with a cool wind blowing :::sigh:::

Oh well.....

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