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In Their Own Words Friday, April 4
Share your children’s home education experience in their own words. What have they said about their education? What are their likes and dislikes? Share some stories, some quotes, or turn your blog over to your children for the day.

Earlier in the week I posed today's topic to my children - those still at home and those grown up and gone - to get their responses. It's been fascinating to get their opinions because they vary according to their age. The older ones definitely have a different perspective as the are looking through more mature eyes that have seen a bit of the world. The younger ones have a viewpoint more typical of their age as different things are more important at that stage. So I've made two lists from their responses of good things they like about homeschooling and the things they don't like about homeschooling.

So the good things:

**More well rounded and able to have conversations on a variety of topics with someone of any age range.
**Afternoon nap time (I reminded this child that napping wasn't a school activity, especially in high school!)
**Able to work independently at your own pace.
**Flexibility of our schedule was a big one for all the kids. Examples were: doing schooling early in the day so other activities could be done later; taking mini-breaks or vacations when we wanted; getting done with our school year early; staying up late or sleeping in if you needed to; doing subjects in whatever order you wanted; staying in your pajamas all day if you wanted; daily planning could easily yield to appointments, etc.
**Able to play outside more.
**Hanging out with mom and working in the kitchen.
**Playing with siblings.

And the things they didn't like as well:

**Missing out on competitive sports in high school.
**Cleaning the house.
**Not getting together with friends as much as they would like.
**Not getting their own car in high school (yes, that was on the list and this child had to be reminded that they wouldn't have their own car no matter how they were educated!)
**Parents too strict at times.
**Having to do school when they didn't want to or didn't like it
**Not enough computer time.

It's good to talk about all the aspects of family life and see what things can be changed and what things obviously can't be changed. Overall, their opinion was that they thought homeschooling was the best choice for our family and for that I'm very thankful!

How about you? What do your kids think about homeschooling?

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pianopraise80 said...

Oh man, did I have a good laugh at some of those as I knew who probably said it!!

For me, as you know, my homeschooling was very formal as I was actually enrolled in the ABeka Correspondence School and had deadlines, etc But the good and bad are actually some of the same stuff.

The good for me:
Close relationship with my parents all through school age years, teen years, and even now.
Well-rounded; able to have a good conversation on most any topic with any age group
Time to focus on things I enjoyed/skilled at, like piano and music.
The flexibility of travel and moving being a PK and an MK.
A Christian world view.
And I agree with your daughter--nap time when you needed it!! :-)

The bad:
The flexibility sometimes meant doing school when the "real " schools were out for snow days, or random holidays or teacher in-service days, etc.
Not being able to be involved in school musicals, drama, band, etc.

mom said...

HA! How did you know it was a *daughter* who enjoyed naptime throughout school? hee hee!

BTW, good list. I couldn't get your husband to do it for me....

mom said...

And another thought....I did try to make the list discrete enough that no one would know who said what, but some things are impossible to disguise, aren't they? LOL!

Renae said...

Thanks for sharing these perspectives. I really enjoy the flexibility of homeschool, too. I only wish my children wanted an afternoon nap time. ;)

Peace to you,
Life Nurturing Education

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