Tuesday, April 15

look alike bulbs

From my daily flip calendar:

"All bulbs look alike until they're given a chance to bloom." ~ Author Unknown

Last night at our AWANA Awards ceremony when it was my turn to present the awards to my group, I had all the Chums come up front. There were probably 14 - 15 girls that came regularly all year but a few of the once-in-awhiles showed up last night, too. It had been a real good group of girls to work with and many had been in my group last year so they knew what was expected on a weekly basis. For the most part the girls were well behaved, hard working, and known for putting a smile on my face.

As I was thinking about them last night as I was unwinding from a very full day and evening, the girls seemed to line up with the saying. In September when they all come into my room at church for the first night, the girls are all alike in a sense. And yet last night, the evidence of how they've bloomed was so evident to me. As each bulb - looking like the others - was planted in the
fall, a marvelous transformation took place as each one was tended with TLC for many weeks. And as spring (okay, it WILL be here one of these days!) arrives, those bulbs have blossomed into unique, colorful, and beautiful flowers in God's garden. God's Word and encouragement and love go a long way in growing little girls!

So may I encourage you on this day as you tend your garden that all those days, weeks, and months of daily living will provide results that you will be amazed with as long as you keep God's Word in the forefront of your life. It's a no fail policy!

Have a good day filled with bulbs that are now blossoming!

Tammy ~@~

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Brumbemom said...

Tammy, Those are some very encouraging words. I know as homeschoolers, we don't always see immediate results of our many hours of labors,but over time we start to see the young adults that our children are becoming. And it gives a bit of, dare I say "pride" to know that with God's help we have given them the things they need to make their mark for Him in this big'o world.

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