Monday, April 28

*one* winner

You know, it was easy to watch the winner of my bloggy giveaway being drawn out of the pitcher because I did not know a large majority of people who entered so there was no personal preference on who the winner was when picked (although I hoped it was someone I knew, I also knew the reality of the chances of that happening).

But this drawing? I wanted EVERYONE to win since many of you are already dear to my heart! :-) Fortunately we did this drawing the scientific way so no one would squabble about the results....heehee! So I used my Lovey assistant to shuffle the names around and with the help of an older sister she reached into the basket which was placed high enough that she couldn't see or read any of the names which doesn't make any difference because she doesn't read yet anyway, but I wanted it to be fair and scientific, you know. So, the winner is...........

.........Kelli! She is a more recent internet friend who I've met through The Homeschool Lounge and who oversees - with a wonderful creative flair, I might add - the Letter Writing Friends group. Congratulations, Kelli! And thank you to all who participated in my celebration and who are such an encouragement here and behind the scenes! I'm very blessed!

Tammy ~@~


Kelli said...

What cute little helpers you had, Tammy! I'm so excited that I won your giveaway, I can't wait to have a cup of tea in that lovely cup and enjoy all of the other special things too!
Thank you so much!

mom said...

You are very welcome! It's all boxed up and will be shipped out tomorrow :-)

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