Wednesday, April 2

the pounding of a head

There are many things I cherish during this season of life, but there is one particular thing I'm not liking one bit. A calendar has become meaningless during perimenopause due to unpredictability of the shifting hormones; a good strong headache is a much better measure of where my day is headed.

As I was doing some cleaning this weekend and sorting through a pile of magazines, I ran across the Curves magazine I received several months back. And look at this timely information (the red highlight is mine):

About 60% of women with migraine headaches have what are called "menstrual migraines" triggered by monthly fluctuations in estrogen. Most of these headaches go away after menopause, although the midlife transition can make them worse before they get better. There are a handful of new medications that may help, but if you are looking for a more natural approach, consider eating more magnesium-rich foods, like fish, nuts, spinach, and whole grains, to boost your intake to at least the 310 mg recommended daily for women. Research shows that women who don't get enough magnesium tend to be more prone to these headaches. ~The Curves Magazine, Fall 2007 issue

Headaches have rarely been a part of my entire life, so I confess to feeling like a real wimp when I get one of these monsters. A couple of friends had recommended a calcium magnesium supplement which I had been taking at night before bed, um, when I remembered :::sigh:::: Taking the supplements during these monster headaches has helped a bit. Then add this article with some good nutritional living well advice and I now have a practical way to feel better through eating well.

Are you dealing with headaches? Hopefully this advice will help you, too!

Pass the bowl of fresh spinach and I'll see you next week at Living Well Wednesday! To follow the journey of other Living Well participants, go HERE

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Darlene said...

I'm dealing with sinus headaches constantly. I get them nearly every day and then I'll go a week without, then they are back again. Ugh! I think I'll up the spinach salads.

And hey, I have that magazine around here too, but I never read them. I should!

Marsha said...

That's very helpful information. Thanks so much for passing that on.
Be blessed!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I wish I were a stranger to headaches and migraines, but I'm not. I hope you have solution to yours.

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm glad you found a way to help with your headaches. I have come through the worse of the pause but still have hot flashes and night sweats.

My husband suffered from migraines for most of his adult life. They began with puberty. Most of them occurred when he was off work so they interupted life for the family quite often. When he developed hypertension and could no longer take the new drugs which had helped so much, prayer was answered after much time. He does not have the headaches anymore. Thank God for miracles.
Until next week,
Mama Bear

mom said...

Yes, Darlene, do read them as there are articles of encouragement and tips.

{{{Shannon}}} Do you know what causes your headaches?

What a relief that God provided relief for your husband's headaches, Mama Bear!

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