Monday, April 21


As I came out the door this morning, I had to laugh out loud! There was some very loud QUACKING on our pond this morning. Actually, there's still ice on half of the pond, but it didn't stop some lonely duck was quacking up a storm as he swam around in circles. The ducks tend to be a bit skittish early in the spring, so I didn't even think about attempting a picture. But, it's definitely another sign of spring.

Ohhh, and we have discovered another sign of spring on the dogs. The deer and wood ticks are out in masses....grrrrrrrrr! At least my rejoicing in the sunshine and warm temperatures balance my disgust about those little blood sucking critters. They just took us by surprise as we still have lots of big snowbanks to melt as well as snow in the shaded woods. Who'd a thunk? :-p~

Have a delightful day in your garden today!

Tammy ~@~


Kelsey S said...

I just love signs of spring so pretty!


Audra Marie said...

LOL - I love signs of spring, but I don't envy you with the ticks. Yikes! I haven't seen one in years thank goodness.

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