Friday, April 11

a sad lullabye


What I wouldn't give
To have you in my arms again,
Breathe your scent
And snuggle close to you.

I want to watch you sleep,

See your chest rise and fall
In peaceful slumber.

Let me lay my hand
Over your heart,
So I can

Feel it beating

Beneath my touch.
I want to be
Lulled to sleep
By its rhythm.

~~ by Tara Simms

Yesterday our church was the gathering place to grieve and yet glorify God as we remembered the short life of a sweet baby. A birth of which I was honored to attend and then share a glimpse of God's fingerprints at the service.

Last fall the mom and I had initially connected when they first found out they were expecting as they were contemplating maybe doing something different this time around and wondered if I'd maybe be interested in coming to their birth. So we decided to get back in touch later in their pregnancy. When the mom called a few months later, she explained the journey they had suddenly been traveling with this pregnancy. God was perfectly weaving together a baby that was imperfect physically to survive life in our world. And yet God had a perfect plan for this baby and Psalm 139 was a reminder of that very thing.

Challenges were ever before this couple who love the Lord and a date for the induction was chosen so they would be assured of being in a particular hospital with the capabilities of caring for their baby and to assure that the people who they wanted at the birth would be there.

Ah, but God had a different plan as her labor began unexpectedly ten days before the induction date. Four weeks ago today I traveled to be with them and witnessed an amazingly peaceful and serene labor and delivery. It can only be a testimony of the prayers of God's people as He faithfully answered! Their desire was to hold their sweet baby alive and breathing - if only for a moment - and as we all held our breath after this precious baby floated into the world like a cloud from heaven - God answered! Not only did He answer, but he gave them countless treasured moments until returning this sweet baby to heaven just as quietly, peacefully, and gently a little over two weeks later.

A short life in our earthly estimation, but a life that has already powerfully touched lives with its testimony of God's fingerprints - and will continue to touch lives in the days ahead as this family will be strengthened to share all that God has taught them. A powerful testimony of God's grace, love, and mercy.

God's fingerprints which are all over our lives today!

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stephseef said...

Thank you for sharing this tender story. Are you familiar with Nancy Guthrie? Lost 2 infant children.. long story.. but the dignity you ascribed to this story is just like theirs.. how God spoke and taught through the lives of little Hope and Gabriel is remarkable. Oh, that we would have ears to hear!

mom said...

What a sad and difficult loss for her! And yet, the faith affirming journey I'm witnessing could only happen through such a hard time in their lives.

We never choose how God will grow us, do we?

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