Thursday, April 17

some changes

While waiting for certain kids to get done with certain tasks so that we could do specific school work, I decided to make a few changes on my blog.

**Comments will now come up in a pop-up window. I prefer that on other people's blogs and hadn't done it because my family didn't like it. They'll be happy to know I kept the family blog the same :-)

**Comments have been opened up to Registered Users instead of just google/blogger accounts. Still not ready to go to anonymous yet....sowwwwy!

**Comments will now need word verification. This is the step I'm probably most torn about because I always mess up when I have to do this on other blogs...hee hee...but I'm just getting too much spam right now that I have to come and delete off my comments. It's not so bad when I have lots of time to jump on and off here, but life always gets much busier in the summer and I don't spend as much time on my computer to monitor things.

So, any input? If there's anything I've changed which would cause my readers to never read again, I'd like to know!

Tammy ~@~


Tammy said...

Just saying "Hi"! Hope you have a great day.

mom said...

It's good to see you and know that you are finally all feeling better!

Tammy ~@~

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