Saturday, April 26

take a second look

My devotional this morning was from Proverbs 9:13-18 about the foolish woman. Whew, good thing I'm not like her! YIKES!

As I began journaling, I got stuck on the very first verse of that portion of Scripture and ended up pulling out my comparative Bible reference to get a bit more description about the woman of folly.

Here are some of her characteristics as found in verse 13:

" clamorous...simple...knoweth nothing." ~ KJV

" simple and open to all forms of evil...she [willfully and recklessly] knows nothing whatever [of eternal value]" ~ Amp

" naive and knows nothing." ~ NAS

" loud and brash...ignorant and doesn't even know it." ~ NLT

" undisciplined and without knowledge." ~ NIV

You know whenever God prompts you to learn more, it's for a reason. One of His reasons. And He's quick to search my heart and show me that reason. Swallow pride with a big :::gulp:::

Here's my perfect example of a foolish woman: A mother loudly telling her children to quit fighting and get to school while she sits on her computer mindlessly following bloggy giveaways which provide information that has no eternal value and which keeps her in a state of being undisciplined while housework piles around her.

:::another gulp:::

God's Word has once again proven itself to be sharper than a two edged sword and convicted me right where I'm at, you know, that place called sin.

Oh Lord, forgive me for falling so perfectly into a foolish woman! Protect me from that which would divert my attention from the tasks which you have before me which would be pleasing to you! Keep me focused on YOU!

And with that, I'm off to a busy morning before we need to leave for church for the AWANA Games. Yes, it is snowing at the moment. Hope to do my bloggy giveaway drawing when we get back home later.

May God's Word keep you off foolish paths in your garden today!

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Thanks for stepping on my toes this morning...LOL!

I love the way you write!

Have a great AWANA day! ☼

pianopraise80 said...

Do you live at my house?? This happened here too yesterday....:::gulp::

Audra Marie said...

Well, OUCH. LOL. So true.

mom said...

Trust me, I didn't intentionally step on anyone's toes without first stumbling over my own feet on this one! LOL!

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