Friday, April 25

there's hope

Yes! Finally! Some buds on the lilac bush! There's hope that spring is actually coming!

Yes :::sigh::: the fuzzy white stuff way in the background is snow. Still melting. And I heard that there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. SNOW!!! GRRRRRR!!! The kids wondered aloud if the AWANA Games would end up getting canceled again tomorrow because the weather forecast is so nasty :::sigh:::

Let me tell you, I'm clinging to those lilac buds!

And it took me right back to Wednesday morning and talking with women at Bible study who are going through such a dark difficult time. It essence life feels like it's been a long winter and spring will never come for them. Each day becomes more difficult as the snow keeps coming in their life. And yet there is the ever steady glimmer of hope that they have found in God.

"We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield." ~ Psalm 33:20

It is the Lord whom they are clinging to at this time!

Their spring will come. And just as I will be dancing in the green grass when my lilacs come into full bloom (really, I will be!) so, too, will these very women be rejoicing as the Lord brings spring into their life! I think we're all looking forward to that day with HOPE!

And while we wait in HOPE, may we also be found faithful in prayer for one another.

Enjoy the day in your garden and sniff a flower or two for me!

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~D Spack~ said...

Hi Tammy: I tried to post on your blog giveaway, but it wouldn't come up, so maybe this comment can be my entry in your giveaway? I have visited your blog before and love it. Thanks from Idaho!

mom said...

Yes, I'll enter you on my giveaway...but in case you don't check back here, I'll email you with this news! Thanks for stopping by :-)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I need to collect up these wonderful verses like a wee squirrel collects his nuts.

It was a horribly long winter for me. I thought it would never be spring again. Actually hating the site of snow!

Hopefully I'll get through better next year.

Prayers for those still in the struggle! ♥

mom said...

Yes, next year can only be better...first we need to get through this year though! Yikes!

Karen said...

Oh, you poor thing. I didn't think spring would ever make it here either, but I think it's finally arrived. (if the sneezing is any indication!) It will come though, and you will be enjoying lilacs long after mine have stopped blooming.


mom said...

Oh, yes, lilacs :::::deep sigh::::: I can't wait! (And it looks like I'll be waiting a LONG while!)

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