Monday, April 7

verbosity to the maximus

Just a little note of appreciation to all my quiet regular readers :-)

Thank you for reading during the recent Home Education Week. Ohhh, I do so enjoy having a topic to write about (how come my kids don't get so excited about it when they have to do it for school, huh?!) but I do recognize my tendency to write A LOT. A lot of words. Verbosity to the maximus (okay, I like to make up words like, um, maximus! hee hee).

As I am coming upon my one year anniversary of public blogging later this month, I have been trying to evaluate the whole blogging thing. Do I keep on keeping on? Or do I say that was fun and now it's time to do something else? Do I take a break? Or do I get on a regular schedule of topics? Do I ramble about life? Or do I stick with devotional type topics? Or do I just talk about gardening? You know, real in the dirt gardening? But that would mean only blogging about three to four months of the year in this neck of the woods! What about blogging only on certain days? Maybe like only Monday through Friday and taking weekends off? Do I promote my blog more or let my readership build on its own through word of mouth?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Have any answers? If you do, I'd love to hear them! You don't have to comment here, but feel free to email me at:

In the meantime I *think* I should be able to be shorter and more precise in the week ahead - no promises though! - as I have three writing assignments to work on as well as a full home schedule of activities in the days ahead.

Have a great day in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


Amy said...

Tammy, I saw your comment at Donna's and wanted to tell you that I'm going to continue the Weekend Warrior thing as long as I have people joining in. I hope you will play along!

As to your questions on your blog post today, I say don't limit yourself. I've been blogging for about five or six years (I can't remember exactly) and I wax and wane, sometimes I take a time away, sometimes I blog daily (like now). Just use the medium in a way that is positive for you. If it starts to be a burden, walk away for a while. The blog will still be there when you get back!

p.s. I like all of your topics, so I'd hate for you to focus on only one!

mom said...

Thank you for you note, Amy :-)

Do you think you will still be doing your Weekend Warrior thing in like May or June? Perhaps I'll maybe be motivated by then? LOL! Perhaps I need to start small, eh?

And thanks, too, for your blog advice. I appreciate it and trust advice from someone who had been blogging for awhile :-)

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