Monday, April 28

you are NOT inivited

Perhaps it is because we woke up to snow falling...again.

Perhaps it is from knowing it's Monday today.

Perhaps it is hormones.


I miss my oldest son and his wife and their two sweet littles.

I miss my oldest daughter and her husband and feeling her baby kick and roll around.

I miss my son who has been out and about traveling and visiting for over a week while he waits for the work season to kick off with my husband.

I miss my college aged son who had better be studying hard in these last weeks.

Yup, a weeping pity party is what I'm having this morning while I miss all my olders whom I haven't seen in person for quite awhile. And no, you may not come to this party as the invitation list is short....just me.


I know I can't visit them now because we need new tires on the car before I can take any longer trips.

I know that we will ALL be getting together at the end of May.

I know that this is just a season in my life as a mother.

Just another lesson of practicing contentment in my life, eh? And I'll do that right after I wipe my tears and hug those who are here!

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stephseef said...

Tammy - I'm praying for you RIGHT NOW. I can become just as mopey about the chaos of my life, but when I think about them growing up and moving away - well, it's already breaks my heart. Thanks for being such a great example to me of a loving, devoted mom!!

mom said...

Oh, Steph! You are so sweet!

It is hard to understand all those people who say "love those children now as they'll grow up quickly" when you are in the midst of the challenges of littles...and you love them a bunch then suddenly they are gone! And you wonder how that actually did happen so quickly!

Really, I do well with the letting go process as I'm excited for them and their futures as they leave home. But they are such wonderful young adults (I can say that because I'm their mom! LOL!) and really enjoy spending time with them on that level. So, if I go too long without face to face contact my little heart aches.

So, thank you for blessing me with your prayers :-)

Tammy ~@~

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Welome to the Empty Nester Club...I go around having these parties quite often myself!
This too shall pass..hey, don't hit me!
Hope you get to feeling better! ☼

mom said...

I'm in a weird season of life of only being a partial empty nester as my littlest is four years old. It's gonna be a LOT of years before they are all out...which makes it hard to work through the emotions that come with these changes.

I'd never hit you! You're my ya ya! :-)

Tammy ~@~

DidiLyn said...

I know your party is just for you, but I have had that party before. My mama's heart hurts for yours.
I hope that your kids know and appreciate how blessed they are to have your love.
Bless you today.

linda said...

Thank you for your comment on my 52Blessings post.

I'm in the same season of life as you...and there are days when we are able to handle it better than others.

Mine are 22 and 19 y.o. and I too so enjoy them as young adults yet I find myself thinking about their childhood years more lately...maybe because to me they were just in jr. high...not kids who are out of the house and making grown up decisions on their own! Yes, where did the time go?

Yay, you will have all of your children together at the end of May! I bet you can't wait!!

mom said...

Yes, once the weather changes we see everyone more which is a tremendous blessing! :-)

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