Friday, April 18

your investment

"The values that we instill in our children are the values by which they will raise their families. And so the life of our investment is not just one generation, it is generation after generation. The key issue is not only what our children are now, but what they will become after internalizing the values we have passed on to them. And the clearest evidence of what they have internalized is what they pass on to their own children. A parent's influence on his child will have a long-term, lasting impact. Just as a seed takes time to germinate in the ground and bring forth fruit, so our teaching and influence on our children takes time to bear fruit as well. But it will bear fruit, for better or for worse." ~ David Jeremiah

Makes sense, doesn't it? Years ago I could have read this and nodded in agreement because the principle made sense. Now I'm actually watching this begin to be lived out in my own family as they go off, get married, and have children. The principle now has evidence. Our parenting does have long term lasting effects as shown by the fruit.

And it's humbling.

Humbling because hindsight also reveals all my parenting blunders. All those things which I wish I had done differently or hadn't done at all or had been more consistent at doing. My sigh can be heard all the way to heaven!

And God hears my sigh. And His response is one of undeserved mercy and kindness as He extends grace into my life and the life of my children. Simply amazing grace!

He takes my blunders and makes beauty.

I see it when I'm with my son's family and we pray before a meal. The little hand of a blonde cherub with dimples in her cheeks is extended my way as their tradition is to hold hands around the table as they pray. "Grandma, hand?"

So be encouraged on this day in your garden knowing that parenting is full of imperfections but God is full of grace!

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stephseef said...

'God hears my sigh'

You've just spoken grace to me today.

What a timely word. Thank you!

Weekend blessings......

Audra Marie said...

Thank you. I needed to read this.

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