Thursday, May 22

a doozy woozy time


A couple of weeks ago my husband had a dry scratchy throat thing going on which never developed into much. He got better and that was the end of the story.


So when I had a dry scratchy throat start on Monday I never thought much about it. Never thought much about it on Tuesday either. Just took some extra vitamin C. Started thinking much more seriously about it on Wednesday as it began changing and by nightfall I had a raging cold thing going on. A real doozy of a cold. Headache, running nose, cough, scratchy throat, itchy ears, burning eyes. YIKES!


Feeling worse than I have in a kazillion billion years and realizing how prideful I was for saying that *I* never got sick, I broke down and took some cold medicine so I would be able to sleep through the night. And I slept well. All night. Until morning.


There's certain cold medicines I avoid because I don't like how they make me feel. The one I took I've never had problems with before. Until this morning. I was so woozy I could hardly walk to the bathroom. Not being able to tell which felt worse - the actual cold or the side effects from the cold medicine - I went back to bed until about a half an hour ago.


Yes, it was shocking for the kids to see mom in bed at such an hour. They knew it had to be bad!

But I just ate some toast while reading a bit online and I think I will attempt to take a shower and then see how I feel. There's too many things to be done today for me to be in bed. And if you are a mother you understand that......

Hope your garden day is sunny and WELL!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

I am sorry to hear you are so sick.

Get well in time for this weekend!

linda said...

Aaawwwhhh! Feel better soon...and no more cold medicine for you!

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