Saturday, May 3

drama or not

Our daily Bible reading from yesterday had us in the book of First Samuel (chapter 8) and Revelation (chapter 4). On Fridays, I always get to read both selections and they were such cool passages to read. When I got done reading, my older teenage son looked at me and said with all seriousness, "Mom, I don't think God is a drama queen."

Nothing like a male teenager to bring some calm reality to the picture, eh? He obviously didn't like the creative flair I added to my voice in reading those chapters.

But take a closer look in your Bible. In the First Samuel passage, Samuel was getting old and didn't have sons who were walking in God's ways to take his place. The people wanted a king instead and it upset him. He brought it before the Lord for counsel, then went back to the people to tell them what it would be like having a king - very unpleasant - and STILL the people wanted a king to rule over them. And at the end of the chapter God told Samuel to listen to them and give them a king. Drama or not?

And in the Revelation passage, there is John standing before the door open to heaven as he witnesses the throne of God. The sights. The sounds. The four living creatures covered with eyes. Everyone worshiping. What an image it brings to mind! Drama or not?

Perhaps God isn't a drama queen, but you can certainly find a lot of true life drama in the pages of His Word. I challenge you to read it out loud and see if you, too, end up putting a little drama into your reading! Enjoy it. Learn from it :-)

Off to another gray day....we woke up to snow falling this morning. Yup, it is MAY! Enjoy your day!

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