Wednesday, May 7


I LOVE spring! It is my absolutely most favorite time of the year. After a long winter of being indoors to now be able to walk outdoors without a coat and flip flops on my feet is so ENERGIZING! I feel like I'm walking two feet above the ground as the spring air has a buoying affect on my spirit. Fresh air and sunshine are the name of the game as yard work abounds giving plenty of exercise as well as blisters on my hands! Walking the dogs with a children in tow becomes part of my day. Definitely, spring invites Living Well at its finest :-)

My hope is that perhaps my metabolism will get a boost right now to take off the last few pounds I'd like to lose. My weight has been stable and maintained for several months now which is a good thing in itself. But you know how that elusive perfect number has a way of hanging out there in front of us? Just dangling there whispering our name? It's those final pounds which take the most perseverance and hard work which I can only do with the strength that comes from the Lord, especially since we are coming into ice cream season!

May all be going well on your Living Well journey during this delightful season of spring. To follow the journey of other women Living Well, please go HERE

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ValleyGirl said...

You're so right about spring being the most natural 'living well' part of the year! It's suddenly fun to be outside and yeah, there's no shortage of yardwork!!

jcdisciple said...

I posted about the uplifting of Spring a few weeks ago,

I just love it, too. And I can totally relate to the "elusive" magic number. I've been "maintaining" for 6 weeks now, but today we had a bump. Woohoo!! Praying you find success this Spring!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Blogger just ate my comment...grrrr!

Anyhow, as I was sayin'....

It is beautiful here too, although it is a tad windy today!

Keep up the good work!☺

Denise said...

I love spring too sweetie. Praying for you to continue doing well on your journey.

Love Bears All Things said...

Tammy, You're doing so well with this journey even by maintaining. I pray you get that little extra push you need to push on to your goal this week.
Mama Bear

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh I love spring too! The green just seems to appear overnight on the trees! It looks so lush and rich! Today it rained really good and it just brought it out more! May you reach your goal soon!

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