Thursday, May 8

a gentle spring

"Nature's harshness has melted away and she is now beaming with the smile of spring, and everything around us whispers of the gentleness of God. This beautiful fruit is in lovely harmony with the gentle month of which it is the keynote. May the Holy Spirit lead us these days, beloved, into His sweetness, quietness, and gentleness, subduing every coarse, rude, harsh, and unholy habit, and making us like Him." ~ A.B. Simpson

Spring has a way of softly, quietly, and gently arriving each year. The change is gradual, yet noticeable day by day.

God, through His Holy Spirit, often works that very way in our lives. Softly, quietly, gently. The changes He makes are so gradual that we hardly notice them. Yet take a moment to reflect back a month ago, a year ago, five years ago, or more. Are you the same today as you were in any of those moments in time? If you are walking with Jesus every day, my guess is that you are not. God has been busy transforming you as He softly, quietly, and gently renews your mind.

Just as the buds on the trees are gently growing and opening to the sunshine, so are you gently growing and opening your life to the Sonshine.

May you be open to all God is doing in your life as you bloom where He has planted you!

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

That is the most beautiful post! Thank you!♥

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