Friday, May 23

a good laugh

"A good laugh is sunshine in a house." ~ William Makepeace Thackeray

A long weekend is ahead and this particular long weekend is one which our whole family traditionally comes together. There will be some driving through the day, some driving through the night. But all with the same destination. HOME :-) I wish I could make the words jump up and down because that is how excited I am to have all of our family hanging out together for so many days!

Yes, sunshine will fill the rooms as laughter is a main ingredient of our gatherings. And I hear that laughter is good medicine, so I hope it will chase this cold right away!

Due to our family time, I am going to take a long weekend blog break and will be back here on Tuesday. I hope that you, too, have special plans for this weekend in your garden! Enjoy!

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linda said...

Have an absolutely wonderful time with all of your family this weekend...and feel better soon!

Brumbemom said...

All of mu girls are still at home, but I find myself already look forward to the days when they will all "come home" with their families for those special days!

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