Saturday, May 31

hello and good-bye

Another very cool spring day here with overcast skies. My day will be spent learning to be a soccer coach as I attend a training. I've cheered from the sidelines for years, so it will be interesting to see how I do from the other side of the field. At least the weather is consistent with the weather of autumn when we'll be doing a bulk of our soccer playing. Brrrrrr!

My evening will be spent enjoying dinner with my husband as we celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. We will be meeting with another couple who were also married 28 years ago today. We found out about that fact several years ago on our anniversary when we ran into these friends at the same restaurant. Tonight as we meet there again, it will be a bittersweet evening. We will rejoice and celebrate the reason we are together, but are saddened, too, as they are all packed up to move several states away.

A day of saying hello to learning something new and saying good-bye to something familiar and loved.

What's your plans for the day?

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Tomorrow is our 29th!!

I hope you have a wonderful time!☺

Karen said...

Congratulations on number 28!
I hope you enjoyed the day.

It has finally gotten hot here. I'm trying to remember that I couldn't wait until warmer weather. Oh well, warmer weather is bringing blossoms to my lemon tree. Lemons can't be far behind!

mom said...

Oh yay on the anniversary! See, we are even close on anniversary dates :-)

Mmmmm, lemon blossoms on lemon trees! Are they fragrant like orange blossoms?


Karen said...

They smell better than anything I've smelled. I fell in love with them when we got this tree last year. It bloomed inside the first time (because we are non-tropical here and we bought it in Florida) and I was absolutely enchanted.

mom said...

Now you have me real curious! LOL!

Do they get very big? Can you grow them indoors? What about pollination? (and now my family is thinking, "Oh no! Mom wants to grow a tree in the house!")

From someone who definitely lives in a non-tropical location......

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