Tuesday, May 27

it's all about coffee

Having spent the long weekend away with all our family, I was really looking forward to a cup of coffee while sitting at my desk doing my devotions as I woke up at my usual early time. ALAS! We had put our coffee maker on vacation and forgot to tell it we were home! We've been patiently waiting for it to work, but I don't *hear* it working like it usually does. I do hope it's just my lack of patience this morning and not a situation of a broken coffee maker as I am rather in the mood of saying, "hand over my cup of coffee and no one will get hurt".

Yes, it's been a few days away and I think I may need a good cup of coffee to kick into gear. Not just for the caffeine, but for the warmth. It's in the 30's and the house feels brrrr cold. I just checked the weather forecast and it doesn't look that great, so I may hold off planting the garden this week. Nothing will grow if the ground hasn't warmed up and I'm not sure it could have warmed up with the cold spring we've had this year. It doesn't even pay to plant in my flowerbeds yet as we are still under frost advisories which would mean bringing in plants or covering them every night.

Goodness, I'm starting to feel a little cranky as I sit here in the coldness. Time to check the coffee maker again.....

Tammy ~@~

P.S. It was a wonderful weekend :-) How was yours?


Karen said...

I'm hoping your coffee maker started up. I can't believe it's so cool there! We had beautiful spring-like weather so hubby put in a small fountain and we trimmed and shaped some things up. The roses are gorgeous and putting out buds like nobodies business. I hope you have some warmer weather soon!

Donna Boucher said...

In the 30's!!!!!
That is just crazy!

Did you take pictures of your gang when they were all present and accounted for???

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Brrr...we are having a brisk breezy spring for sure...the temp just dropped to 54ยบ which I'm sure would be warm to you, bless your heart. I'm thinking a cup of coffee or tea would be good this afternoon.

Had a fair holiday, nothing to write home about...hopefully the summer will be better!☺

mom said...

:::::sniff sniff::::: I am very jealous of those of you who have warm spring weather!

Yes, Donna, we took pictures and hopefully I can get them downloaded yet today :-)

Our coffeemaker took FOREVER to wake up :-p~

Tammy ~@~

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