Friday, May 2

it's happening

It has begun and it's my favorite part of our school year. Early this week one of the kids did their reading in science for the week and was the first one to complete a book for this school year. Today - which is our main day for school corrections - there were be several more books completed for this school year by various kids. I LOVE IT! wOOt! When they complete the book, mom does the last red cross-off mark on the chart and hands the chart to them. They are free to do with the chart what they want. Some just toss it in the garbage, some rip it into itsy bitsy pieces, some go outside and burn it.

We are down to a few lingering snow piles and the rain predicted for today and the weekend should take care of those. And quite honestly, once the snow is completely gone, so is their mother! I will want to be outside working in the yard every nice moment there is available. I love to rake. I love to dig in the dirt. My garden will be calling. Spring at its very finest! Ahhhhhhhh! :-)

So on a gloomy rainy day like today, I say, "Let's pound the books and get them DONE!" And a great big BRAVO for each book which has a completed chart for it takes me one step closer to more time in the great outdoors!

Have a great Friday in your garden!

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Donna Boucher said...

Hooray for completing a book!!!
Katie is done with cursive and is close to finishing her Latin.

It's fun to be done and I agree with you....that means more time outside!!

stephseef said...

oh my, i wish this were happening in our house. we're dreadfully behind. this first year of homeschooling i haven't yet captured the necessary PACE for my 9 year old. SO, we'll press on through the summer, going down to 4 days a week - which we'd do anyway, even if we weren't behind - and finish when we finish. i'm not panicked - just trying to make the necessary adjustments that i need to make. all of this, and we didn't even DO science. Egads!!

happy spring!

mom said...

{{{{{Steph}}}}} I know I'm not alone in saying that the first year of homeschooling is the toughest one to get through. Hang in'll get better, my friend :-)

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