Monday, May 5


I flipped my garden calendar page this morning and this is what it said:

"Planting jasmine outside a guestroom window is a perfect touch, but be warned, your visitors are bound to stay all season."


Since I have no idea what jasmine looks like or smells like I can only assume it is something that does not grow in cold climates? Maybe a tropical warm location? Anyone? Tell me, please! because....

I WANT SOME OF THIS TO PLANT IN MY YARD *if* it will assure that my daughter-in-law will come to visit in the summer and spend a couple of months with her littles here. OR that my daughter will come home soon to visit and decide to stay here to have her baby born in the hospital she was born in and recover under the tender loving care of her mother.

Oh, you're asking about their husbands? My response would be that they'd be welcome to come and visit on the weekends :-) I just wanna play with the big girls for awhile. You know, like for the summer or however long the scent of jasmine would keep them here. They could go back home in the fall when school starts back up.

Ya, ya, if only it were so simple and real life didn't get in the way, eh?

Hmmm, I wonder if lilacs work as well.......

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linda said...

Wouldn't that be glorious to just play with the big girls for never know...just plant that jasmine and see what happens!

pianopraise80 said...

I'll even plant it for you. :-) And it looks like you may get your wish...DH may not be willing to drive back up the next I may be there with my littles till the B's wedding!

Love you!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I don't know if I've ever smelled or seen any jasmine.

I do love lilac and my neibhborhood has it in abundance.

An old wives tale I've often heard is that they planted the lilac bushes around the out houses to cut down on their smell...I don't know if that is true or not...LOL!

I hear you on spending time with our kids and grands....

PS...I've got a Mother's Day Giveaway going on...don't forget to visit me!☺

Noel said...

oh I LOVE jasmine. I might be tempted to come for a visit :-)

mom said...

Okay, as I was reading up on jasmine my hopes were pretty much dashed on the possibility of growing it here. Definitely a warm tropical happy plant doing the best in zones 9 - 11 which is far from our zone.

Guess I'll have to entice my house guests with something else to keep them staying longer! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

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