Tuesday, May 20

a new trick

Yup, this old dog is at it again. I'm learning a new trick.

It's called Facebook.

Yup, you're reminding me that Facebook isn't new, but it's certainly new to me!

Nope, I didn't actually sign up for it. My daughter and daughter-in-law conspired to sign me up. They had a picture and all the necessary information to make my profile. Then they sent me the password. They knew I'd have fun there, and, well, I'm having LOTS of fun there. Probably way more fun that a busy mother should be having when she has many many responsibilities to be taking care of at home! YIKES!

The surprising thing is that there's lots of older folks there like myself which shows how Facebook has evolved. My friends are a variety....family, people my age, people the same age as my older kids who know them and have asked to be my friend, and even junior and senior high kids from church. That variety makes it a fun social connection as we chitter chatter :-)

I'm sure the novelty will wear off and the boundaries I've needed to set for computer time will be able to be monitored less (yes, sometimes I need to police myself as this stuff does get addictive, doesn't it?!).

Ah, yes, you're never too old to learn something new......

Tammy ~@~


Karen said...

I am on facebook too. I mainly started my profile so I could keep an eye on what my kids were doing. Then I found myself being friended by their friends. So it worked out pretty well. You are right about the time and addictive factors, though.

Welcome to the wonderful world of facebook!

stephseef said...

i joined facebook abut a year ago... for about 12 hours. the moment i registered i was innundated with friend requests, pokes, and whatever else they were called. i was so mobbed and it so threw me that i cancelled my membership and never went back! i connect with old friends on Myspace and also on our high school reunion website - our 20th is in 09, so we're all crawling out of the woodwork.

Good luck on facebook - hope it doesn't consume you like it did me!


mom said...

Yes, I'm finding I have an interesting variety of friends of all ages.

Steph, you are such a wonderful person that it doesn't surprise me that everyone wants to be your friend! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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