Monday, May 19

one year

One year ago today we were up and going in the morning as we had a mission to tackle. My husband and I plotted our trip to all the various people who had offered their lilac bushes to be generously cut of their bountiful flowers. Flowers which were an awesome answer to prayer!

Lilacs. Lots of lilacs.

For you see my oldest daughter was getting married on this day and had chosen a date in May because she had hopes to have lilacs for her wedding. The problem we foresaw was that the date for the wedding had to be mid-May which would be very early for lilacs in our area. Very early. As she planned her wedding colors around that theme, we began praying. Spring came early and we continued to pray. I watched the lilac bushes like a hawk as did my friends. As we got down to the final week my knees were weak as I considered the price we would have to pay to purchase lilacs if the local ones didn't blossom in time.

Lilacs. Lots of lilacs.

By the end of the week we were getting calls from people who said their lilacs were opening! I cannot tell you how glorious it was to hear those words! And our hearts and lips were praising God constantly!

Lilacs. Lots of lilacs.

So off my husband and I went on our lilac cutting journey. Each bush we stopped by had lilacs in just the right stage. Some friends even offered ladders to get those high perfect flowers. We filled large buckets and my husbands theme was "I think we have enough" and my reply was always "just a few more!" Then it began raining a bit which definitely ended my lilac cutter's enthusiasm, so we headed to church and filled several vases there. From there we went to the reception place and dropped off all our buckets of lilacs. Wonderful friends filled large vases for each reception table. The scent in the air at both the church and reception hall was absolutely gloriously fragrant!

But there was one final bush to cut from which stood outside my daughter's window through her growing up years. This bush had lilacs which were barely open. And these lilacs were given a special vase that was my mom's and were placed specially in the church up on the altar.

Lilacs. Lots of lilacs.

God faithfully answered our prayers with an incredible amazing abundance of lilacs!

As I look outside my window right now, I can see that big old lilac bush outside my daughter's bedroom. The leaves are barely opening and it will be awhile before we get to the flower stage. After Memorial Day weekend, for sure.

Just a reminder that God still is in the business of performing miracles, even if it is in such a simple thing as the timing of flowers. Always remember that....

And happy first anniversary to my daughter and her wonderful husband!

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