Saturday, May 10

singing heart

"My heart is like a singing bird." ~ Christina Rossetti

Oh, another morning of glorious sunshine! It is a tad bit deceiving though as I woke up to frost and a temperature at the freezing degree. Yet the day holds promise of warming up and becoming very enjoyable before the forecast of rain moves in for a few days.

Truly my heart is singing! It's been enjoyable to be outside raking and working and checking flowerbeds to see what is popping out of the ground. And after thinking about it, I think I figured out why it is even more special this year....I never did this work last year. That early spring was busy working on another glorious project - my daughter's wedding. All the yardwork was left to my children - oy! - which meant a whole lot didn't get done. And after recovering from the wedding, I just kind of jumped into getting my garden ready for planting. I never raked or worked or checked out flowerbeds last spring which is something I really enjoy. Really. Really a lot.

May you find something in your garden to sing about today, too! You know where you'll find me :-)

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Charlene said...

I really enjoy working in the garden too. I haven't walked around in the morning checking it out much this spring because I just haven't had the time and it is still chilly most days. My garden right now is filled with a lovely growing family that just keeps blooming all the time!

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