Tuesday, June 10

and the pin dropped

In a sense, you could almost hear a pin drop around here yesterday. Almost. It's never quite that quiet around our house and there's typically activity found some place, but there was a different kind of quiet abounding.

For you see, when our family all got together for Memorial Day weekend, not everyone went back home that Monday. My daughter-in-law, my almost three year old granddaughter, and my three month old grandson stayed for two weeks going home this past Sunday.

Busy. Life was full and busy from the moment of our eyes waking in the morning until our eyes closing at night. The noise level and activities were changed while we adapted to having littles in the house again. And it was a good change :-) Of course, it wasn't just the littles that made life fuller, but it was having a grown up "girl" around to chit chat and giggle with throughout the days. What could be more delightful for me than such companionship!

During the two weeks, my daughter-in-law tackled a major project for me. I've had boxes and boxes of my mom's fabrics, yarns, quilts, cross-stitch, PROJECTS, odds and ends, packed into a storage building. To go through all of it was an overwhelming burden for me which I have kept avoiding. I love things organized, but just couldn't figure out the first steps to take to actually do it. But, she did it. She spent many an hour sorting it all and organizing it into rubbermaid containers. And imagine....she actually enjoyed such a project! I can now walk into this little building and everything is labeled and in its proper place. Simply amazing! Simply wonderful!

Anyway, all that to say.....sorry if my blogging was a bit non-existent or fluffy over the past two weeks. My mind was in the flexible mode from morning until night and deep thinking was beyond me *wink* And, really, that's okay! But, I'm back to pondering things again and know I have some drafts in my folder which I never got much beyond the opening statement stage because a little would follow the cat into my room and my thoughts went from what God was showing me to, well, what God was showing me :-)

May you enjoy this glorious summer day whether it's noisy or pin dropping quiet in your garden!

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I spent the weekend with my Grands in Kentucky. Talk of busy noise and chaos, but oh what a blessing!

Glad you've been having an enjoyable time, that is what life is all about in the long run!☺

Miss*Suzanne said...

Your blog was fun to read this morning. Your daughter sounds like mine. She's so good at organizing. It started when she was about 2 when I would catch her re-arranging my little nick-knacks on a corner shelf. Ha!

I'm sorry I missed your post last week but thank you for stopping by mine. I look forward to your Live Well Wednesday entry today.

See you later!

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